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Summary SCUT is a command line utility that allows you to run programs
Categories None
License GNU General Public License
Owner(s) scut


SCUT is a command line utility that allows you to run programs quickly and easily by typing the commands. Why is this useful? If you... ...are a really fast typer, and tired of Windows' inefficiency. ...are an old UNIX junkie, and used to the command line way of doing things ...hate the consistently idiot-proof way Windows works. SCUT is 100% freeware! It was written in C++. It is not dependent on VB, MFC, or any other runtime DLLs. It has low memory usage, small download size, and high performance. Some of its nifty features include: AutoComplete - finishes your commands for you Rollup - compresses the window in a little bar, saving you screen space Command history - remembers up to 100 of your previously used commands Hotkey - One key combination anywhere in Windows and SCUT is activated Macros - special commands that let you quickly execute one or more other commands Ability to execute not only programs, but DOS commands, Explorer, and URLs. Plug-ins - allows any developer to extend SCUT's capabilities SCUT was designed from the ground up to be convenient, out of the way, and easy to use. It can make using Windows a much less annoying experience.